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Anglo American
Anglo American Platinum(Rustenburg Platinum Mines (PTY) LTD)
Glencore Nikkelverk
BASF Catalyst LLC
CSIRO Mineral Resources
CSIRO Minerals / Centre for Sustainable Resource Processin
Bureau Veritas
Alfred H Knight International Limited
BGRIMM Technology Group
Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.
Yunnan Copper Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.
Nanjing SilverMicro Lead-Zinc Mining Co., Ltd.
Jinchuan Group Co.,Ltd.
Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd.
China Certification & Inspection Co., Ltd.
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Zhuzhou Smelting Group Co., Ltd.
Jilin Zijin Copper Co., Ltd.
Chifeng Yunnan Copper Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.
Government of Canada, Grain Research Laboratory, Canadian Grain Commission
Hawaii Department of Health
Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
University of Johannesburg
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus
University of Sao Paulo
University of the Witwatersrand
Grenoble Alpes University
LUT University
The University of Newcsatle, Australia
Recinto Universitario de Mayaguez
School of Mining Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand
IMP Group (Pty) Ltd
SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH
Scott Technology Ltd
Bruker technology co.,LTD.
J&C Bachmann GmbH
Francis Pitard Sampling Consultants
Tecpromin S.A.
EnviroStat, Inc.
Eramet Ideas
AGORATEK International Consultants Inc
Ocean Partners UK Limited
Petrichor Concepts
Innovative Metallurgical Products (IMP)
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Mineral Stats Inc
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Jiangxi Naipu Mining Machinery And New Materials CO.,LTD.
Central South University,Chemistry and chemical engineering
Tianjin University
Xiamen University
Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Guangxi University
China building materials inspection and certification group co. LTD
China Certification & Inspection Anhui Co., Ltd.
China Certification & Inspection Guangxi Co., Ltd.
Nanjing soil research institute,Chinese academy of sciences
China Society of Inspection and Quarantine,CSIQ
National nickel and cobalt advanced materials engineering research center
Testing Center of Changchun Gold Research Institute Co., Ltd.
State key laboratory of green building materials,China building materials association
State key laboratory of Marine environmental science (xiamen university)
Institute of agricultural quality standards and testing technologyChinese academy of agricultural sciences
Institute of geophysics and geochemical exploration, Chinese academy of geological sciences
Guizhou?Central?Laboratory?of?Geology?and?Mineral?Resources (GuiZhou?Province?Quality?Supervise?Proof-test?Station?of?Gold,?Minerals?&?Jewelry)
Shenyang geological survey center, China geological survey
Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earths
Northwest Institute For Nonferrous Metal Research
Liaoning geological survey
Changsha mining and metallurgical research institute co. LTD
Hefei mineral resources supervision and testing center
Guangdong Industrial Analysis and Testing Center
Inspection & Testing Management Center of Yunnan Copper Co., Ltd.
Baosteel co. LTD,Production management department,Testing analysis testing center
Fujian Zijin Mining and Metallurgy Testing Technology Co,Ltd
Beijing deyan technology co. LTD
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Beijing tanmo quality inspection technology co.,LTD.
Qingdao Highest Electromechanical S&T Development
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ZHN Precious metals testing Co.,Ltd
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NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd.
BAOTOU Research Institute of Rare Earths
Sino-platinum Metals CO.,Ltd
Anhui youjin guanhua new material technology co. LTD
Lingbao hongsheng mineral products co. LTD
Zijin copper co. LTD
Western mining group co. LTD
Shenyang longji electromagnetic technology co. LTD
Yantai Jinpeng Mining Machinery Co., Ltd
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Wanbao Mining Ltd.
ORE Research & Exploration Pty Ltd
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KHE Consulting
Fushun Hankin Aoniu Mining Co.Ltd
Mitra testing technology (tianjin) co. LTD
Dalian Shangfeng Flotation Reagents Co.Ltd
Jiangxi copper co. LTD. Guixi smelting plant
Beijing xuxin shengke instrument equipment co. LTD
China Certification & Inspection Group Anhui Co.,Ltd.
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Keynote Speakers

Dr Ralph J Holmes

Ralph Holmes obtained a BSc in Physics from the University of Melbourne in 1967 and a PhD degree from the same university in 1972 for development of a new electron microscope system and its use in electron diffraction studies of the structure of barium titanate.

Ralph joined the CSIRO Mineral Physics Section in November 1971 to work on the application of nuclear techniques to the on-stream analysis of iron ore and subsequently other mineral commodities including bauxite and coal. He developed a range of nuclear techniques for on-stream and bulk analysis of iron ore, bauxite and coal, which precipitated a major involvement in the sampling of mineral commodities because of the need to calibrate on-stream analysers against accurate conventional analyses. Consequently, he has been involved for many decades in the development of ISO and national standards for sampling mineral commodities and represents Australia at ISO meetings dealing with sampling of coal, iron ore and copper, lead, zinc and nickel ores, concentrates and smelter products.

Over the last 30 years Ralph has been involved largely in mineral processing research and has managed CSIRO’s iron ore processing research for more than 20 years. He is currently an Honorary Fellow in CSIRO Mineral Resources following his retirement from CSIRO and is recognised throughout the Australian and overseas iron ore industries as an expert in iron ore processing and sampling.

Ralph received an Australian Clunies Ross National Science and Technology Award in 1998 and an inaugural Standards Award from Standards Australia in 1993 for his outstanding contributions to the development of mineral sampling standards. Ralph also received the inaugural Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (AusIMM) Mineral Industry Operating Technique Award in 1987 for developing “Ironscan” for the on-line analysis of iron ore on conveyor belts.  He also received a Pierre Gy Gold Medal in Bordeaux, France, in June 2015 for “Excellence in Teaching and Application of the Theory of Sampling” and in October 2015 received a CSIRO “Lifetime Achievement Award” for sustained and meritorious achievements over a CSIRO career spanning more than 43 years in the field of mineral processing and international standards development both as a research manager and practitioner benefitting both CSIRO and Australia.

Ralph has published over 100 papers through international journals and conference proceedings and is the author or co-author of hundreds of limited-circulation reports to industry companies.  He is an Honorary Fellow of the AusIMM (Chartered Professional – Metallurgy), a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics and President Elect of the International Mineral Processing Council (IMPC).  For decades he has been the Chair of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) subcommittees ISO/TC 102/SC 1 and ISO/TC 27/SC 4, which are developing international standards for sampling iron ores and solid mineral fuels (coal and coke) respectively, and Convener of ISO/TC 183/WG 9, which is developing international standards for sampling copper, lead, zinc and nickel ores, concentrates and smelter residues. He has been the Convener of many ISO Working Groups involved in the revision and development of ISO sampling Standards, including ISO 3082 (Iron ores – Sampling and sample preparation procedures) and ISO 12743 (Copper, lead, zinc and nickel concentrates – Sampling procedures). Furthermore, Ralph frequently conducts audits of sampling systems and procedures used by industry both in Australia and overseas, the objective being the development and implementation of world-best sampling practices.

Ralph has also been very active in organising technical conferences with The AusIMM and has chaired eight international iron ore conferences (Iron Ore 2002, Iron Ore 2005, Iron Ore 2007, Iron Ore 2009, Iron Ore 2011, Iron Ore 2013, Iron Ore 2015 and Iron Ore 2017) in Perth and Fremantle, the Second World Conference on Sampling and Blending on the Sunshine Coast in 2005, Sampling 2008, Sampling 2010, Sampling 2012 and Sampling 2014 in Perth, the Eighth World Conference on Sampling and Blending held in Perth in May 2017, as well as IMPC 2010 (International Mineral Processing Congress) which was held in Brisbane in September 2010.  IMPC 2010 was a landmark international event in the history of IMPC as it celebrated its Silver Jubilee.  It was a great success and attracted close to 1,000 registered delegates from 40 countries around the world.  More recently Ralph played a leading role in establishing the International Pierre Gy Sampling Association of which he is the inaugural President, and he is currently Chair of the Iron Ore 2019 conference to held in Perth in July 2019.

Dr. Kim H. Esbensen

Kim H. Esbensen, Ph.D, Dr. (hon), has been research professor in Geoscience Data Analysis and Sampling at GEUS, the National Geological Surveys of Denmark and Greenland (2010-2015), chemometrics & sampling professor at Aalborg University, Denmark (2001-2015), professor (Process Analytical Technologies) at Telemark Institute of Technology, Norway (1990-2000 and 2010-2015) and professeur associé, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (2013-2016). From 2015 he gradually phased out a 30+ year academic career for a new quest as an independent consultant from 2016: but as he could not terminate his love for teaching, he continues as an international visiting, guest and affiliate professor at several universities.

Esbensen, a geologist/geochemist/data analyst of training, has been working 20+ years in the forefront of chemometrics, but since 2000 he has devoted most of his scientific R&D and educational outreach to the theme of representative sampling of heterogeneous materials, processes and systems (Theory of Sampling, TOS), PAT (Process Analytical Technology) and chemometrics. He is a member of six scientific societies, has published over 250 peer-reviewed papers and is the author of a widely used textbook in Multivariate Data Analysis (33,000 copies), published in its edition in 2018. He was chairman of the taskforce behind the world’s first, and only, horizontal (matrix independent) sampling standard (2013) He is editor of the science magazine TOS forum and writes the regular SAMPLING column in the open access magazine Spectroscopy Europe/Spectroscopy Asia He will launch the new compendium: ”Get your sampling right – an introduction to representative sampling” at WCSB9, Beijing.

Esbensen is fond of the right breed of friends (and dogs), swinging jazz, fine cuisine, contemporary art and classical music. His has been collecting science fiction novels for more decades than what he is comfortable contemplating, still, as ever - it’s all in the future ...

Dr. Francis F. Pitard

Dr. Francis F. Pitard is a consulting expert in Sampling, Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Total Quality Management (TQM). He is President of Francis Pitard Sampling Consultants ( and Technical Director of Mineral Stats Inc. (MSI) in Broomfield, Colorado, USA.  He provides consulting services in many countries. Dr. Pitard has six years of experience with the French Atomic Energy Commission and fifteen years with Amax Extractive R&D. He taught Sampling Theory, SPC, and TQM for the Continuing Education Offices of the Colorado School of Mines, the Australian Mineral Foundation, for the Mining Department of the University of Chile, and the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. He has a Doctorate in Technologies from Aalborg University in Denmark. He is the author of 36 papers published over the last 40 years.

He has an outstanding expertise in all aspects of sampling accumulated during a 20-year association with C.O. Ingamells and Dr. Pierre M. Gy. He coauthored "Applied Geochemical Analysis".  C.O. Ingamells and F.F. Pitard.  Wiley Interscience Division, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York, 1986.  733 pages textbook.

He published two historical novels analyzing the origins of the Easter Island people. Dr. Pitard lived for a total of 6 years in the South Pacific and had a strong interest in Polynesian archeology and philosophy.

“Heirs of a Lost Race”, 2001  ISBN: 0-7596-9472-9,  Published by AuthorHouse

“Rapa Nui Settlers – by choice and necessity”, 2009 , Published by AuthorHouse.

ISBN: 978-1-4389-5158-4 (e)

ISBN: 978-1-4389-2940-8 (sc)

ISBN: 978-1-4389-2942-2 (hc)  

Dr Pitard published a biography of a French Resistance hero. “From Normandy to the Hell of Ravensbruck: Life and escape from a concentration camp – The true story of 44667.” The true story of Dr. Pitard’s great aunt during WWII. 

Page Publishing, Inc. 2016

ISBN 978-1-68348-728-9 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-68348-729-6 (Digital)

He is the author of an essay on Nuclear Physics, titled “The Theory of Vacuoles and Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions”, 2017.

Dr. Pitard doctoral thesis, Pierre Gy’s Theory of Sampling and C.O. Ingamells’ Poisson Process Approach, pathways to representative sampling and appropriate industrial standards, Aalborg University, campus Esbjerg, Niels Bohrs Vej 8, DK-67 Esbjerg, Denmark, 2009.

Dr. Dominique François-Bongarçon

Dr. DOMINIQUE FRANÇOIS-BONGARÇON graduated as a Mining Engineer in France in 1974 and  later obtained a Doctorate in Mining Sciences and Techniques, after spending several years as a Research Engineer at the Geostatistics Center of the Paris School of Mines in Fontainebleau. 

After working for several international consulting firms and mining companies, he now works as a consultant in earth sciences for his own companies, AGORATEK International Consultants Inc., based in Canada, and until recently the Geomatek sample and CRM preparation laboratory based in Brazil.

In 1992 he embarked on a career long research in Gy’s theory of sampling, worked with Pierre Gy as a consultant and offered training courses,  In 2009, he was the recipient of the Pierre Gy Sampling Gold Medal.

In recent times, while still making advances in his research in Sampling Theory, he also researched the techniques and spirit of the QA-QC discipline, which he helped improve so that it would reach its objective better. Currently, within the frame of mine-mill reconciliations, he is also making new advances in the handling of extreme grades in Geostatistics.

Charles Ramsey

Charles Ramsey is the founder and President of EnviroStat, Inc., a company that provides training in sampling and laboratory subsampling for defensible decisions to federal and state agencies as well as private companies.  He has a BA in Chemistry from the University of Denver and a MS in Environmental Science from the Colorado School of Mines. Mr. Ramsey is involved with the development of guidance documents for sampling and is the developer of the MULTI INCREMENT® sampling methodology.

Dr. Ana Carolina Chieregati

Ana Carolina is a Mining Engineer from University of São Paulo, has a master and a PhD degree in Mineral Engineering from University of São Paulo, and held a postdoctoral degree in Mine Reconciliation and Sampling at Aalborg University, Denmark. She is a lecturer in the Department of Mining and Petroleum Engineering of University of Sao Paulo, teaching Mineral Exploration, Mine Reconciliation, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, and the Theory and Practice of Sampling. With 16 years of experience in sampling and reconciliation, she taught in South America and Australia, published several technical papers and book chapters, and participated in many mining projects in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Honduras, New Caledonia, and Mongolia, most of them related to the optimization of sampling equipment and procedures in gold, zinc, copper, nickel, niobium, iron, phosphate and bauxite mines.

Prof Pentti Minkkinen

Pentti Minkkinen graduated 1969 at Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Chemistry. After graduation he continued with graduate studies working at the same time as teaching assistant and laboratory manager. From 1973 to 1975, he worked as an Associate Expert (Analytical Chemist) in two United Nations Development Program mineral exploration projects in, Turkey and in Egypt and returned to Helsinki University of Technology in order to complete the graduate studies. 

In 1976, he started as Associate Professor (Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry) at a newly founded University, Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), and retired as full professor end of 2007. At his new position he started teaching the theory and applications of sampling in 1978, later also chemometrics, as an important part of process analytical chemistry. He has been lecturing sampling at undergraduate and graduate courses at several universities, professional continuing education courses, and in numerous conferences. After retirement, he worked three periods as Visiting Professor at Aalborg University, Campus Esbjerg, Denmark in Prof. Esbensen’s research group (2007, 2008 and 2009). In 2012, he founded his own company, Sirpeka Oy, where he still offers consulting services on sampling, analytical quality control and chemometric problems. At LUT University, he continues his scientific career at Professor emeritus status.

Prof. Minkkinen was the founding chairman of the still continuing biannual conference series, Scandinavian Symposium of Chemometrics (SSC). He was also co-chairman together with Prof. Esbensen at WCSB1. 

Over the years, Prof. Minkkinen’s expertise has been used by many organisations. He was

·   Deputy Member of the Finnish Advisory Board on Metrology (4.11.1994- 2.11.1997)

·   Chairman of the Working Group on Sampling, Finnish Accreditation Service (1996-1998)

·   Finnish representative in the task group of European committee for standardization, CEN/TC230/WG1/TG4 (Water Analysis: Analytical Quality Control)

·   Regional Editor of Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 2001-2007

·   Member of Eurachem/EUROLAB/CITAC/Nordtest working group on ‘Uncertainty arising from Sampling’, 2004-2006

·   International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), Division of Analytical Chemistry, Associate Member, 2006-2009

·   Member of the Certification Body Certifying the Personnel for Environmental Sampling, Finnish Environment Institute, 1999-2006

·   Member of Working Group Horizontal (matrix independent) Standard for Representative Sampling, Danish Standard Foundation, 2009-2010.

He has received the following three awards, as the only person so far: The Kowalski Prize in Chemometrics (2002), Herman Wold Gold Medal in Chemometrics and Pierre Gy Sampling Gold Medal (2007).

Dr Li Huachang

Dr. Li Huachang, a professor and an expert who receives a special government allowance from the State Council of China, is currently the general manager of the BGRIMM MTC Technology Co., Ltd. He also takes responsibilities as executive deputy director of the national laboratory for quality supervision and inspection of heavy non-ferrous metals, editorial director of Chinese Journal of Inorganic Analytical Chemistry; associate editor of Analytical Instrumentation, editorial of Metallurgical Analysis, vice-chairmen of physical and chemical inspection academic committee of the nonferrous metals society of China and member of the national nonferrous metal standardization committee of China.

Li Huachang has been engaged in research of metallurgical mineral analysis, process analysis instruments and techniques. He presides over and completes more than 40 national and provincial scientific research projects, receives 23 scientific and technological awards and registers 4 national invention patents. As the author of 13 academic books, 117 academic papers in notable periodicals and journals home and abroad, he contributes to more than 40 industrial standards, including the standard of ISO/TC 183, ISO/TC155 etc. Meanwhile, He serves as the secretary-general of the WCSB9.

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